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The full Story of Mustangs, Campervans & M-Sport!


Originally starting with mustang rentals, we have now grown to incorporate many different vehicles. The Campervan rentals started when a customer saw our brand new X5 in the drive and asked if it was for rent! Told us he needed 7 seats for a weekend, we let him rent it and off we went! The Campervan hire business was off! We have now grown it to more vehicles however we keep it to vehicles we like to drive so we keep our passion. Check availability or give us a call.

We are passionate about NICE CARS AND COMFORTABLE RIDES. 

Our Team

We are a team of car enthusiats & fanatics.

Dan Skinner

Car Sourcing

Dan is passionate about all things mustang! You will often find him behind the wheel or on the phone talking mustangs and securing the next cars for us!

The Managing Director

General Manager

IF the cars aren’t rented, he is generally driving one of them. He loves Ford Mustangs and the sound the power of the V8 makes!

Admin Staff Member

Sorts out your bookings

Deals with all the bookings and keeps the rest of us inline. Book online now and you will be generally dealing with them.

5 Curlews Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2LG


Phone: 01420 84170 Mobile: 0773 800 4259